According to the study, concerning 3% of all Viagra customers are most likely to establish some kind of urinary system infection. As a result of the combined excretory and sexual features of male genitalia, this is an understandable issue. Migraines and also feeling lightheaded were a lot more regular and can be found in about 16% of the total population of recognized individuals. This was probably a result of the boosted circulation of blood to certain locations of the body, which may trigger some circulatory systems to reduce blood flow to the brain. The same individuals that reported this additionally periodically reported a basic sense of instability in the reduced extremities, though these decreased as the impacts of the drug subsided. A few also reported nasal congestion being an issue. Note that these outcomes are all short-term. No research has been placed underway to establish if there are any type of lasting effects to continued use of Viagra.